About Grotman



We are Grotman, a small indie studio startup within the Utrecht School of Arts. We have a fiery passion to build a vision of our imagination for others to explore.
Like most game developers we are gamers at heart, however we did not come together out a shared love for the same games. Our personal list of favourites couldn’t be much more diverse, as a result we are not set to master the creation of single genre.
We aim to take from all those experiences and combine them something in else.


 Team  Grotman_Team_Audio

Our Prehistory

In our second year at the HKU we came together as students from different disciplines to make Tribal & Error. We chose this concept out of many ideas because we felt it was something new. But when moving in unexplored territory there is a high probability of failure, we had no idea whether our idea was any good, yet we felt our time in university was perhaps the last chance we would get to try something risky without financial consequences if it didn’t pay of. Ironically as development progressed we decided to forgo that safety and make Tribal & Error our first published title. Our ambition grew from project to product, from product to the birth of our studio Grotman.



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