Grotman’s new Office



With our time at the University of the Arts Utrecht at an end, a lot of things are changing. Our old workplace is no longer available to us and the real world has come knocking on our doors. Every team member has to work on getting their life on the right track. In this crucial phase, the ambitions of building a game and studio can easily fall apart. In the past few months we’ve worked from home and public workplaces which was less than ideal.  We needed a place of our own, in part to cement our commitment in finishing Tribal & Error, but also to provide us with a stable center in our lives to tackle the challenges ahead. Now we are overjoyed to announce that we found just that. Grotman Games has moved to the Dutch Game Garden in Hilversum!

Right now, we’re working on gathering stuff to start filling this empty void that is our office. As you can see, we already found a neat desk and some pretty comfy chairs. Having an actual office, with a desk and a chair that’s yours, really is quite nice. But, of course, work on Tribal & Error also continues and as we settle into our new place, we aim to have some significant progress to show in the coming months. We’ve also done some exciting work on our finance and production planning and that wasn’t even a sarcastic statement. With everything, from our workplace to our production pipeline taking shape, the dates of announcements and the actual release seem to be fast approaching. Work on planning can sometimes feel far removed from the eventual reality of production. But as our skill, knowledge and work-speed increase, milestones seem less like arbitrary goals and more like markers on the road ahead.


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